Slate Roof Installation With Hip and Ridge Joints

Slate roofs are preferred by many as they are among the best types of roofs. Though the installation cost quite a bit of money, slate roofs are great in improving the general appeal of the housing. Usually, homes with this type of roof installation have higher values.

Slate roof installation involves setting the hip and ridge joints. Before slating the roof, furring strips along the hip need to be installed. The standard thickness of slates is 3/16″ to 1/4 “. For slates with this thickness, 3/4″ furring strips are recommended. Nail these furring strips to the roof using 2.5″ hot dipped galvanized common nails.

On the bottom of the furring strips, install the first piece of the copper flashing using 1.5 copper roofing nail. To hide the furring strips, fold the bottom of the flashing.

Slate roof installation follows after the copper flashing has been nailed and folded. Install the slates over the flashing by nailing them into the furring strips. 1.5 copper roofing nails can be used but certain areas need to be attached with 2.5 copper roofing nails.

Install the next piece of step flashing over the hip slates. For this, a single nail will do. After this, nail the next pair of hip slates over it with at least two nails per slate. Fold the flashing lengthwise in half with 4″ in each side. With this, the overlying slates and flashings, the 16″ hip slates are to be overlapped halfway. Meanwhile, the step flashings would be overlapping each other by 2”.

Continue the setting up in this manner, flashing over the top of each pair of hip slates. The hip slates can be installed even without cutting and they do not to be tapered as well. To finish quickly, install the slates in pairs, not one side at a time